Supporting Healing Rebuilding Lives

Supporting women to heal and recover from domestic, family, and sexual violence, and lead independent and secure lives.


Our vision is a world where women who have experienced domestic, family, and sexual violence are healthy, secure, and free to decide their own futures with optimism and hope.


An Australian-first community-led initiative, the Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre will be an integrated, specialist, and dedicated service currently in early stages of development and establishment.

The Centre will offer individual support to women, that holistically, comprehensively, and personally address the impacts of domestic, family, and sexual violence for each woman.

We will work with victim survivors to determine what an independent and secure life means for them. Together, we will support victim survivors to again feel a positive sense of self and hope for a thriving future.

We advocate for bold, focused, and courageous action to achieve change in one of the most entrenched social problems in our community and country.


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