Our Organisation

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where women who have experienced domestic, family and sexual violence are healthy, secure, and free to decide their own futures with optimism and hope.

Why we're needed

Domestic, family, and sexual violence is a public health and economic emergency. It requires a whole of community response. People you know, like, and love are experiencing it. Together we can build a supportive community for women to regain their lives.

The Illawarra Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre aims to be a national leader in long-term recovery and healing for women who have experienced domestic, family, and sexual violence. We offer women a range of holistic and individualised support services for as long as they need.

Recovery is prevention. By investing in the safety, health, and healing of women the Centre will support not only the longer-term impacts of trauma stemming from domestic, family, and sexual violence, but also work towards breaking cycles of violence and abuse, preventing intergenerational transmission of trauma (Cullen et al., 2021, p.24).

Importantly, this innovative model of care was co-designed with women who have experienced domestic, family, and sexual violence – it is exactly what women are saying will treat their trauma and limit further traumatisation by the systems that are meant to support them. Above all it is a compassionate response.

What we do

The overarching goal of the Illawarra Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre is to support the healing of women’s mental, emotional and physical wounds, along with restoration of their disrupted life circumstances. This includes safety from further violence, emotional health to cope with daily life, including a sense of hope for the future, safe housing, employment or education, being meaningfully engaged with others, such as family and community, and having an income sufficient to meet their needs.

Hear from women why there is a need for our Centre and the importance of long-term healing and recovery.

Reference list: Cullen, P., Stevenson, S., Baffsky, R., & Walker, N. (2021). A new model of care for women experiencing trauma from domestic, family and sexual violence: Co-design report July 2021. Sydney: University of New South Wales

Acknowledgement of Country

The Illawarra Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre is situated on the land of the Dharawal Nation. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land and we pay our respects to Elders past and present for they hold the memories, traditions and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia. 

This land is, was, and always will be traditional Aboriginal land. We acknowledge that we work in the context of generations of resilient, strengths-based, holistic resistance to violence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We commit to actively supporting and promoting the voices of Aboriginal people and organisations in our work. We fully support the Uluru Statement from the Heart.